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Gameon | Terrace Football and Cricket

We are the city's first TERRACE CRICKET AND FUTSAL GROUND cum STADIUM with two high speed cricket nets available (with bowling machine) for a professional cricketing environment.

Also, the FUTSAL is soon CATCHING THE EYE of the professionals for its SOFT GREEN TURF, making it a great environment for a HIGH PROFILE GAME. The high wattage LED lights make it even more interesting and competitive to play THROUGH THE NIGHT

THE REBOUND TWIST IN THE SPIDER NETS makes it much more LIVELY with lesser stoppages in the game with ball being in play all through your playing time

To ADD SOME DESI FLAVOUR, you can also enjoy an hour of TENNIS BALL CRICKET in our football ground making more like a 'GALLI' (street) cricket with great fun UNDER LIGHTS.

The ANGLES in the cricket lanes have been devised with great effort, despite the high wattage LED lightings the batsman CAN STILL CITE THE BALL CLEARLY either through the machine or the bowlers.

Do drop by sometime with FRIENDS AND FAMILY for some SPORTS ORIENTED RECREATIONAL QUALITY TIME in our high speed nets and ground and play some BALL!!

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